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Navigation I is the first of three seamanship seminars and it covers everything a sailor needs navigationally to daysail in the US

Navigation I is the first of three navigation seminars and provides not only a good base of knowledge in preparation for the next two levels, but also everything a sailor needs navigationally to daysail in the US. It is packaged with Seamanship I and the Basic Keelboat ("Learn-to-Sail") course and is offered on weekday evenings or weekend days year round. As with all the Seamanship and Navigation seminars, it is free to all OCSC students and members. It is also available at $25 as a stand-alone course.

  • Lateral aids to navigation (buoys, daymarks, lights, etc.)

  • Chart symbols

  • Reading a chart

  • Reading and interpreting tide and current charts

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    Three-Hour Seminar

    10 am–1 pm on Saturdays

  • Tu
    Three-Hour Seminar

    7–10 pm on Tuesdays

  • Real Tools

    As you progress in your navigation classes, your instructor will supplement lecture with navigation tools like tide and navigation charts, plotters, and compasses.

This Course Prepares You For

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    Basic Keelboat

    Our Basic Keelboat certification package is a comprehensive lifetime preparation course that is a place for participants to learn how to sail.

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    Basic Cruising

    This course is designed specifically to prepare you to skipper a sailboat in the challenging conditions peculiar to San Francisco Bay.

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    Navigation II

    Navigation II is the second of three navigation seminars, builds on Navigation I and is the final necessary training for safe navigation in SF.