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Navigation II is the second of three seamanship seminars and it covers final training for safe navigation on San Francisco Bay.

This course requires Navigation I

Navigation II is the second of three navigation seminars, builds on Navigation I and is the final necessary training for safe navigation on San Francisco Bay. It is packaged with Seamanship II and the Basic Cruising course and is offered on weekday evenings or weekend days year round. As with all the Seamanship and Navigation seminars, it is free to all OCSC students and members. It is also available at $35 as a stand-alone course.

  • Proper use of plotting tools and which ones work the best

  • Taking bearings and establishing fixes

  • The best landmarks and buoys for bearings

  • Course planning

  • Speed/time distance calculations

  • See All
  • Accounting for current on San Francisco Bay

  • Sa
    Three-Hour Seminar

    10 am–1 pm on Saturdays

  • Tu
    Three-Hour Seminar

    7–10pm on Tuesdays

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