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This course requires Basic Keelboat

Sailing after dark requires a different set of skills than daysailing. Conditions on the water are often different. To be safe, you need to be able to identify navigational aids and vessel types by light characteristics. You even need to learn how to identify potential hazards by what you can’t see when they are present. Night Sailing introduces you to the challenges and the rewards of sailing at night and qualifies OCSC members with a Basic Cruising certification to charter OCSC boats at night.

  • Protecting night vision

  • Steering by compass at night

  • Properly interpreting flash characteristics of navigation aids

  • Differentiating navigation aids from shoreside background light

  • Properly identifying ships, tugs and tows, other sailboats, and powerboats by their light characteristics

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  • Applying collision course recognition skills to night time visual clues

  • Nighttime deck safety protocols

  • Three bearing fixes at night

  • 4
    4 hour Saturday evening course

    Nov–March from 6–10pm
    April–Oct from 7-11pm

  • Warm Drinks During the Course

    We provision the boat in preparation for your night sail so you can have a hot tea or hot chocolate while out in the San Francisco Bay.

  • Free Use of Our Training Charts and Compass

    We supply charts and compass so you can practice identifying navigational aids and use them to locate your position on a chart.

  • Free Use of Spray Gear

    OCSC is the only school in the Bay Area that provides you with waterproof gear to make sure you stay dry and comfortable while learning without having to add a few hundred dollars in gear to the expense of learning to sail. We loan you waterproof pants and jacket along with a comfortable, Coast Guard-approved personal flotation device in every course you take with us.

This Course Prepares You For

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    Basic Cruising

    This course is designed specifically to prepare you to skipper a sailboat in the challenging conditions peculiar to San Francisco Bay.

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    Seamanship Under Sail

    In Seamanship Under Sail, you leave the outboard motor behind and learn how to get out of a tight bind under sail power.

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    Bareboat Cruising

    The greatest pleasure in sailing comes from the ability to participate. Fundamental skills are all you need to move forward!