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This course requires Basic Keelboat

This course requires Basic Cruising

Performance 1, OCSC's Small Boat Symmetrical Spinnaker course, is a comprehensive introduction to both spinnaker sailing as well as upwind boat handling. As opposed to the race course where you specialize in only one skill, this course will rotate you through the four positions: helm, pole-guy, sheeter, and foredeck. This way, you will truly have a complete understanding of all that is needed in order to "fly the chute".

There is very little more exciting than spinnaker sailing on San Francisco Bay, especially downwind to Berkeley at the end of the day. It is the highlight of any day sail. Performance 1 gives you the skills you'll need to "fly the chute" safely in moderate conditions.

Successful completion prepares you to:

  • Charter J/24's or Olson 25's with the spinnaker with OCSC membership in up to 18 knots (enough to plane!)
  • Serve as a competent member of a crew in casual racing with spinnakers on mid-sized keelboats like J/24's, Olson 25's, Santa Cruzes and Express 27's.
  • Sail faster upwind while sailing the J/24 in its performance mode and, when your "chute" is up, feel a rush you might not have experienced on a sailboat before.
  • Get your friends together, create a spinnaker flying team and refine your skills in preparation for the racing preparatory course, Performance 2.

  • Basic spinnaker flying theory

  • Proper set-up techniques

  • The art of packing a spinnaker in its turtle

  • Safe spinnaker pole handling on the foredeck

  • Crew Coordination on all maneuvers (communications, timing and commands)

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  • Hoisting, gybing and dousing the spinnaker

  • Proper trim of the spinnaker (loving the curl)

  • Driving techniques to keep the boat under the spinnaker

  • Broach prevention and recovery techniques

  • Performance upwind sail trim

  • Proper crew positions for racing trim, upwind and downwind

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    8am–4pm (Apr–Oct), 9am–5pm (Nov–Mar)

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