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    Boat Endorsement

    Build your confidence and increase your boat library.  Each endorsement sail will go over the unique systems on the boat.

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    Big Boat Asymmetrical Spinnaker

    After a weekend on the J/105, you'll surely appreciate what this incredible performance yacht can do!

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    Small Boat Asymmetrical Spinnaker

    Whether you are a performance sailor, or just enjoy sailing, the asymmetrical spinnaker is fast and easy-to-use.

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    Performance 1

    OCSC's Small Boat Symmetrical Spinnaker course is a comprehensive introduction to spinnaker sailing and upwind boat handling

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    Performance Sailing Week

    Sailing with a spinnaker is exhilarating, thrilling, technical and simply beautiful.

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    Seamanship Under Sail

    In Seamanship Under Sail, you leave the outboard motor behind and learn how to get out of a tight bind under sail power.