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You probably know how to reliably get back to a person in the water but what do you do next? How do you get the victim back on board safely? What do you need to take into consideration before recovering someone? What if the person is unconscious? What kind of equipment is available and how do you use it?

This seminar will answer those and similar questions. We will start things off with a classroom session covering in theory the various person overboard scenarios. This will be followed up with some Q&A time and after all of your questions are answered, we will head down to the OCSC Dock. A live demonstration of several different methods will be performed which promises to bring these theories to life.

On a J24 AND a Catalina 320 we will present how to:

  • Get a conscious and injured person back on board
  • Get an unconscious person on board

  • Life Sling

    Life sling hoist for conscious and unconscious victims from a cruising auxiliary sailboat
  • Recovery

    Swim ladder recovery on J24 for able bodied victim
  • Beam Dip

    Beam Dip recovery on J24 for able bodied victim and two rescuers
  • Swim Step

    Swim step recovery for able bodied victim in moderate conditions
  • Halyard hoist

    Halyard hoist on J24 for injured or unconscious victim
  • 3
    Three-hour Workshop

    10am–1pm, Select Days

  • Man Overboard

    For this clinic, you'll learn how to hoist an actual person out of the water, to insure you are completly prepared if a dangerous situation actually happens.