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This course requires Basic Cruising

This course requires Performance 1

Sailing on a 21st century sport boat, planing in 12 knots of breeze with a rooster tail from your rudder is a spectacular experience and the essence of pure sailing excitement. Whether you are a performance sailor, or just enjoy sailing, the asymmetrical spinnaker is fast, easy-to-use once you learn it, and completely different from a regular spinnaker. The course is taught on the J/80, 2004 Sailing World Boat of the Year -- a boat that weighs 40 percent less than a J/24 and sails 150 percent faster.

  • Backstay Adjusters

    Utilizing hydraulic backstay adjusters
  • Retractable Bowsprits

    Proper use of the retractable bowsprit
  • Propellers

    Managing the folding propeller
  • Mainsheet Assemblies

    Fine Tuning coarse and fine tune mainsheet assemblies
  • Setting The Spinnaker

    Setting the Asymmetrical Spinnaker
  • See All
  • Trimming

    Asymmetrical spinnaker trimming
  • Sailing Low

    Sailing low with an assymetrical effectively
  • Inside-out

    Inside-out gybing of the asymmetrical spinnaker
  • Dousing

    Dousing the asymmetrical spinnaker safely to leeward and to windward
  • Weather

    Heavy weather sail trim
  • Wind Fluctuations

    Apparent wind fluctuations at speed
  • Broaching

    Broach avoidance and recovery
  • Fine-Tuning

    Using the wind direction and speed instruments to fine tune your performance
  • 2
    Two Days


  • All Equipment

    This course comes with use of all of the euipment to make your asymmetrical spinannker sail succesful, fun, and exciting.

  • Free use of spray gear and flotation device

    OCSC is the only school in the Bay Area that provides you with waterproof gear to make sure you stay dry and comfortable while learning without having to add a few hundred dollars in gear to the expense of learning to sail. In any course you take here, we loan you waterproof pants and jacket along with a comfortable, Coast Guard-approved personal flotation device.

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