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Drakes Bay Adventure

Two-day Coastal Voyage to Drakes Bay

Two-day Coastal Voyage to Drakes BayDuring this two-day, one-night adventure, you'll work with your team to learn how to sail a traditional ship (Seaward, a beautiful 82' classic schooner) and take her on a voyage beyond the Golden Gate up to Drake's Bay. This is a rich, experiential learning opportunity for any San Francisco Bay sailor and a unique way to gain an appreciation of what Coast Passagemaking is like. Your sailing skills will grow, your confidence will build, and your teamwork and leadership abilities will flourish. For a whole weekend, you'll be dependent on weather, wind and tide instead of social pressures and electronic entertainment. Monday will be a little different the following week!

You'll depart from OCSC at 9am on Saturday morning and then sail out to the Farallones before turning towards Drake's Bay. You'll anchor in the Bay for sunset sea stories (true or not) and a hearty meal together. Retreat to your private bunk under a full moon and doze peacefully amongst your fellow crewmates.

Sunday morning dawns and a continental breakfast is ready for you – gather your head because this morning you're in charge of navigating (with instruction and oversight!) back through the Golden Gate. You'll return to OCSC in the evening around 5:30 pm or so.

Participants: 12 students, four seaward crew. Each bunk has light and privacy curtain. Two heads, one with shower.

82' Classic Schooner

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