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Machu Picchu Adventure

Lares Adventure To Machu Picchu: A Cultural Journey

OCSC Sailing invites you on a cultural exploration of the Urubamba Valley, the celebrated “Sacred Valley of the Incas,” and the spectacular archaeological site of Machu Picchu, combined with a hike in the less visited and uncrowded Lares region north of Cusco, noted for its rural atmosphere, traditional weavers attired in colorful dress, and roving herds of alpacas and llamas–an authentic slice of Peruvian life. Comfortable mountain lodges serve as deluxe “base camps” for daily hikes that bring you to remote passes with views of a panorama of waterfalls, snow peaks, and turquoise glacial lakes, with the occasional condor soaring above, and to tiny Andean highland communities unchanged for centuries, where you can meet local weavers and farmers and get a glimpse of the distant past.

This journey offers a variety of day hikes and activities ranging from easy, to moderate and strenuous, depending on the level and abilities of the guests. The hikes and cultural visits take place at elevations between 7,000 and 14,000 ft (2,000–4,000 m) on diverse types of trails ranging from flat and grassy to steps or rocky slopes. Weather conditions may affect the choice of activities.

This 13 day trip in Peru exploring Machu Picchu through the Lares Route; begins and ends in Lima. It will involve moderate to light strenuous hiking at medium elevation. Maximum elevation is 14,700'

Activity Level

This OCSC adventure trip is designed for flexible, energetic people who like to be active and have a spirit of adventure and a positive attitude. It would be ideal to be an experienced hiker in good physical condition. Although porters carry most of the gear and camp supplies (leaving you free to carry only a light daypack), you will be hiking five to eight hours a day, up and down steep stone-paved paths, and often at elevations above 10,000 feet. Physical activity at high altitude adds to physiologic stress. In addition, higher altitudes may create discomfort and symptoms of illness that you do not experience while exercising at low elevations, such as shortness of breath, restlessness or sleeplessness at night, and headaches.

It would be ideal for you to be in good health and physical condition, with adequate cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, and decent balance in order to enjoy this experience at all its levels. We recommend that you start a moderate training program several months before departure. Regular aerobic exercises for one hour, 4-5 times a week, or hiking up your local hills will help. Consult your physician if you have questions concerning your underlying health. We can help answer questions for you or your physician concerning required levels of fitness and health conditions at altitude. If you have concerns about your ability to do this trip, we can suggest appropriate alternatives.

Lares Adventure To Machu Picchu: A Cultural Journey
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October 18, 2015

October 30, 2015

Anthony Sandberg

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